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SSOD and Shay Morgan are happy to announce that Statesboro School of Dance will perform our 2023 Spring recital on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

Performances will be held at the Georgia Southern University Performing Arts Center:
Saturday, June 3 at 1pm and 5pm
Tickets can be purchased through the PAC <link coming soon>
(you can also purchase over the phone or in-person) and are reserved seating only.

Click below for your child’s class’ dressing guide.

Pink Tuesday – Cast A (1pm show)
Pink Tuesday – Cast B (5pm show)
Pink Thursday – Cast A (1pm show)
Pink Thursday – Cast B (5pm show)
White Tuesday – Cast A (1pm show)
White Thursday – Cast B (5pm show)
Royal Blue – Cast A (1pm Show)
Royal Blue – Cast B (5pm Show)
Purple (Both Shows)
Green (Both Shows)
B&B (Both Shows)